Post-Op Update: Elsie the Cocker Spaniel

For those who don’t know, we recently had a lovely female Cocker Spaniel come into FPARSW by the name of Elsie, when we took her to the vets they found mammary lumps which needed removing. We then fundraised to help pay for her expensive operation (around £600!) and so we asked on you guys to help support Elsie however you could.

We had a lot of support both monetary and socially with people not only donating their own hard earned money to help little Elsie but also supporters of FPARSW sharing her plea across the world wide web. So Elsie just wanted to say one thing before we continue…

Now Elsie has been an absolute star for her foster carer and the vets. She’s honestly been no trouble both pre and post-operation, so far she’s recovering really well and the vets had the following to report back after seeing Elsie for a follow-up check:

It was funny, because many dogs have to be dragged – kicking & screaming almost, into the consultation room, but Elsie attempted to trot in every time the door was opened and any name was called.  And when it finally was her turn, she was very happy to walk straight in. Very co-operative on the examining table as before, just sits or stands and lets herself be checked.

She was an absolute heart-melter at the vets so it’s safe to say she got a lot of love and attention from the staff :).

Elsie has been nothing but calm and affectionate, even after he operation she was happy to go on a few short walks and eat her dinner before settling on her favourite spot on her foster carers sofa.

Before we sign off, we would like to thank her foster carer Ruth, who has only recently been taken on as a volunteer fosterer by FPARSW for her dedication with Elsie. It’s not often we get thrown these curve balls with brand new foster carers but Ruth has taken it in her stride to ensure Elsie has been very well looked after, so thank you! <3.

Here are some more post-op photos of the beautiful Elsie:

We are hoping to do more little posts like this in the future like volunteer spotlights, featured dog posts, event reports, etc so please make sure you come back every once in a while to see what we’ve been up to! Of course we are on Facebook and Twitter as will be posting these posts to there as well, just so you don’t miss out ;).

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