Charlie – Chihuahua

About Charlie


Charlie is a special little lad who needs his own space. He has had a difficult past and as a result he feels he needs to nip first and ask questions later. Having said that Charlie has a big heart and once he learns to trust you’ll have a friend for life.


Charlie’s past means that when he’s startled or frightened or just feeling plain grumpy he will revert to his learned response to nip. He will always need you to be his protector and make sure that he’s never put in a position where he feels he needs to do this. You will need to manage visitors to your home very carefully and introduce them gradually and at Charlie’s pace. Charlie cannot live with children or visiting children and would suit a quiet home where he can be loved and feel safe.


Charlie is housetrained and walks well on the lead and is not bothered by other dogs again though you will need to protect him from other people approaching as Charlie doesn’t appreciate being petted by strangers.


Charlie is 6 years old, fully vaccinated, microchipped & neutered.


This may sound like lots of work, and it honestly is, but if you’re prepared to make that commitment then this loyal, loving little boy will pay you back a million times over.


Charlies Fact Sheet

Age & DOB6 years, no DOB
Fostered Area/KennelsFostered, Merthyr Tydfil
Other Requirements


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