Tipsy – tri-pawed Crossbreed

About Tipsy


Tipsy is looking for a new home due to her owners deteriorating mobility. Tipsy has three legs, but this does not stop her being a very active dog! She is very loving and likes to have cuddles from dogs and humans. She is not cat tested.
Tipsy would ideally need an owner who is around a lot in the day as she is an active dog who loves company. Being Tri-pawed Tipsy finds squatting to go to the toilet difficult so relatively frequent trips to the garden are helpful. We are not sure how Tipsy lost her leg. Tipsy can be left alone for periods and is non-destructive. She currently lives with two other dogs and loves their company, we think she would prefer a home with another dog. She is used to going to kennels while her owners are away on holiday.
Tipsy likes to carry toys and likes walks. Being Tri-pawed it’s important that her diet is controlled so that she does not put on weight.

Tipsys Fact Sheet

BreedAmerican Bulldog Crossbreed
Age & DOB6 years, no DOB
Fostered Area/KennelsFostered
Other Requirements