Petal – Dalmatian

About Petal


Petal is an approx. 2 year old Dalmatian but and was found dumped pregnant and then gave birth to 10 gorgeous pups.  She was a fantastic mum even though she was so thin. Since having the puppies she has gone back to being a puppy, a life she did not experience before.


We are looking for an active and experienced home who will continue the journey she has started.  Petal will need to go to training classes and this will be a condition of adoption.  She is house trained and will sit for a biscuit; because she was so hungry when she came to us she will pinch food, however this is getting better but temptation gets the better of her at times.


Petal will need understanding and careful training and she has a lovely temperament and thinks she is a lapdog despite being a fairly large Dalmatian!


Petal has come a long way since she arrived with FPARSW as she was so scared of people and many other things.  She’s uneasy about going in the car but fine once she is in and settled.  She loves other dogs company but can get a little jealous and push them out of the way.


Petal is not good with cats, and also will not be good for children under 10 as she is very bouncy.


Can you give the beautiful petal a chance at a normal life and give her a forever home? Apply for adoption!


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