Minnie & Betty -Bichon Females

Minnie (3) and Betty (6) came to us from a breeder. They are gorgeous little things, but quite wary of people at the moment. They are quite skittish if you approach them suddenly, but if you crouch down and hold out a hand to them they are inquisitive and will come to you. They love treats and will take them from your hand, and once they know you they are affectionate and love ear and tummy tickles. If you pick them up they generally rest quite calmly in your arms. In the vets waiting room they initially sat on my husbands knee but hen wanted to get down and explore and say hello to the other dogs there. They are quite brave when approached by other dogs and are starting to show signs that they’d like to play. They are starting to enjoy having a walks, but are clearly not used to wearing a harness or lead and not used to traffic, so at the moment you just have to take it at their own pace and let them stop and assess the situation every now and then. They both enjoy their food, though it’s best to place their bowls away from each other, otherwise they both eat from one bowl then the other and Betty seems to get most of the food! When we first had them they always slept in the same bed, now however they alternate between sharing a bed and sleeping separately.


Minnie – She is the smaller of the two (6kg) and has lovely sticky up ears that make her look like a little teddy bear. Initially she seemed like the timid one, hiding behind Betty, but now she’s starting to be quite inquisitive and braver than Betty in many ways and show more of her personality (which may turn out to be a bit mischievous, she stole a slipper this morning!) She is happy to sleep on her own – it’s always Betty that climbs into bed with Minnie rather than vice versa, and will sleep through the night quietly (unless she hears a noise outside and then she might bark). She has picked up house training very quickly and although she doesn’t ‘ask’ to go into the garden, when we take her out she always goes to the toilet out there. Minnie is less confident out on a walk however, she doesn’t like being on a lead at the moment and will sometimes bite and shake it or stop dead and refuse to come with you. If you pick her up and carry her for a while she will then start to walk with you. She is much happier to walk and run if she’s in an area where we can let go of the lead and she can make her own way, dragging the lead behind her. She doesn’t try to run away from you, but occasionally may decide to follow another small dog wherever he / she are going.


Betty – She is the larger of the two (7.6kg) and has typical Bichon looks, although her fur was in poor condition and had to be clipped quite short when she came into rescue. She has some sore patches on the skin still but with good diet and gentle washing we hope these will soon improve. She will sleep on her own bed during the day but likes to climb in with Minnie, particularly at night. She is more attached to people than Minnie and always wants to know where you are and follow you around. Last night we picked her up and put her on the sofa with us and she was delighted! She has almost picked up house training, although she doesn’t like to go out in the dark last thing at night and has had a couple of overnight accidents. Last night she used the puppy pad by the door so she is making good progress. She is the noisier of the two and will often bark at the phone ringing or a dog barking outside but does stop quickly when you talk to her. This may be a sign of unfamiliarity with living in a house and could stop when she become more used to life in a home. Betty has quickly become attached to me, and when I go upstairs without her (she can’t climb stairs yet) she will sometimes bark and cry. This is worst at night and she started getting distressed; pacing, panting and barking when we put them to bed downstairs. Last night we let them sleep in their own beds on our bedroom floor and she was quiet and much calmer.


Betty is much more confident out on a walk and usually trots along quite happily on her lead. Occasionally she will decide that she wants to do in a different direction and then you have to either go with her, or carry her for a while. If she’s in an area where we can let go of the lead and she can make her own way, dragging the lead behind her she usually stays quite close to you, and if you pick Minnie up then Betty will follow you anywhere!


Both girls are very sweet, loveble and a bit comical. As they have done so well already, I really don’t think it will be long before they are confident and ready for a new adventure. We would prefer them to be rehomed together if possible, as they obviously have a strong bond, but it might be possible for them to be homed separately if the new owners had a small resident dog that they could form a new bond with.


Betty & Minnie's Fact Sheet

BreedBichon Frise
Age & DOB3 years & 6 years
Fostered Area/KennelsFostered in Cardiff
Other RequirementsIdeally to be rehomed together but could possibly be split if there was already a friendly, small dog in the home


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