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About Caliph


Gorgeous Caliph is a 6 year old Labrador who came into our care as his owners were sadly unable to meet his needs due to ill health – he was very loved and they wanted to do the best for him so made the hard decision to relinquish him to us.

He’s a pretty typical Labrador boy, friendly & affectionate and can be strong on lead.  He can also be quite barky when he sees other dogs and he’s on lead.

He’s moved into one of our lovely foster homes and is sharing happily with 3 female Labradors.


Initially we feel that he needs an experienced home , used to handling larger dogs.  He may also need some gentle guidance with his interaction with other dogs but we will update more on that as we get more information from the foster carer.


Foster Carer update 02/04/2018:

Caliph has been with us now for a couple of months.  He is such a lovely boy it is sad that he hasn’t got his forever home yet.  Caliph can be reactive when he sees other dogs out on his walks but with training this will clam him down and we have recently taken him to Bridgend Action Pets for some one to one training to reinforce this, he did really well and the trainer was very positive about him! He does respond very well to treats and he also engages well with toys.


Ideally someone interested in dog behaviour and training and handling big dogs would be the best match for Caliph.
Caliph is such a great dog to have around, he is very good in the house and great in the car, he is people friendly and actually a nice dog to walk as long as the area is not too busy with other dogs.
I hope there is someone out there who is willing to spend time helping Caliph and who in turn will be rewarded by having a loving companion.


Foster carer update 03/02/2018:


Caliph has been with us several days now and has settled in really well. He is very good with our 3 dogs. One of ours has snapped at him on a couple of occasions, think she is a little big jealous at times, he just goes away from her without any show or sign of retaliation. He is great in the house and quiet at night time. He doesn’t take any notice of our cat only interested in what he has got in his bowl. Caliph is a lovely friendly dog and loves a cwtch on the sofa. He also travels really well and comes to work with us quite happily in the car. He’s a true lab and loves his food. He is very treat orientated but also loves a game of fetch and find etc.
When we took Caliph out the first time he did seem a little anxious and did bark and jump about when he saw a couple of dogs across the street. He calmed down straight after. Since then though he definitely seems happier when out on a walk. Today we met several dogs he started to bark but we were able to give him space and distracted with treats and he was much better, the other dogs owner stopped to chat and Caliph was fine then just looked at the other dogs didn’t try to get to them just stood quietly until we moved off.
I think with patience and good interventions using treats etc Caliph should improve a lot when on the lead.
Caliph really is a very loving, friendly dog, He is a great big softie.


Do you have a Caliph sized space in your home & heart (and sofa!).  If you do we & Caliph would love to hear from you.


Caliphs Factsheet

Age6 years
Fostered Area/KennelsFostered
Other Requirements


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