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Since our forum has taken off we have a special section on that where owners can list their success stories, we now get regular updates from many of our owners and more importantly lots of pictures. Take a look here.

Alvin the Basset Hound

Alvin loves causing mischief in his new home. He has stolen the cheese, ruined his mum's bra and enjoyed plenty of trips to the beach so he can play on the sand. This is such a happy story where a dog has grabbed everyone's hearts and he even helps fundraise for FPAR now as well as appearing in the 2013 calendar!
Connie the American Bulldog

An update from Connie's new home:
Connie or "Constance" as she was known in kennels, was an awfully scared girl and was in kennels for a long time before a wonderful foster home came up. We saw her begin to flourish almost as soon as she had her home comforts. Look how happy she is now! She has her own brother and a wonderful home, where they celebrated the first happy christmas together. 
Jaffa the Terrier

Jaffa has fallen on his feet with his 'brother' Harvey. It took him a little while to settle in but now he's as happy as... well, Jimmy - because that's his new name now. Fond of early mornings and pulling his new family down the street when he wants a walk, his new humans are getting used to his ways but this big character is loved and adored.

Mali the GSD X

Mali equals her GSD x brother Foster in both height and charm, her character is beyond perfect and those that gave her up to rescue will never know what a perfect canine companion they let out of their lives, but who ever they are, they have my thanks as without their mistake, my blessings would have been less as Mali and I would never have found each other, she is, without a doubt, the light at the end of my tunnel.

Mali continues to both amaze and delight me with her intelligence, after only being lifted in to the bath once after a muddy ( and fox poo roll) walk, she now charges up the stairs and into the bath after every walk before I even have my coat off (and dirty looks come easy if I do t have the water temperature just right) though I'm sure it's the towel drying she loves the most as she now seems to think I should dry her in my towel too when I've had a bath! Cuddles are in endless supply in this house and Mali refuses to be left out, she likes to sit on the settee draped around my neck!

Bedtime is fun, she can curl up so small that the no dogs on the bed rule laid down by dad a million years ago doesn't count and she spends her nights snuggled on any of the beds she chooses, of course this means Foster has the same rights( two GSD s are actually quite comfy I can now say from experience).

Walks continue to be fun and sociable, Mali can cover a mile a minute off lead, two if there's seagulls to chase ( she doesn't seem to realise she can fly, yet!) and she has two retriever friends now for off lead play, not to mention a collie, a lab, the ducks, several children, a staffie, several good old British mutts, actually the list is endless as Mali is a diva, yet adorable.

Her rescue work has continued and Mali was amazing when asked to share her home with a short stay foster GSD x, they played, spread mud and muck every where, shared food, water and fun, but not mummy, Once it was time to chill out and relax, Mali kept two legs on the ground and two stretched over me ( I'm guessing she was scared the big puppy might eat me)

Her nursing career continues, the NHS ought to put her on the payroll as she can alert dad his blood sugars are high when his count goes one above normal, this of course makes life easier for me but not for dad as he can't even sneak a few biscuits in without getting caught!

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